A tale of a good computer Samaritan

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 19:47:24 GMT 2005

"Anton Takk, A Good Samaritan's Tale or Help All Mac Users"

While it is not really about Ubuntu (except for the fact that he
erased Ubuntu to reinstall Fedora core), the 2nd half of that article
show an example of how members of a community (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mac,
etc) can make a big difference when helping people who are a bit
less-computing-savvy, and how a little help can make someone eternally
graceful.  Something to think the next time you visit the ubuntu-users
mailing list, #ubuntu irc channel or one of the forum and see
questions of users and decide to help people.

Daniel Robitaille

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