Forking (was Ubuntu Under Attack)

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Dec 30 02:07:24 GMT 2005

John wrote:

>> A good reason to switch to reading the lists through gmane and nntp.
> another "We don't care about the user" response. Reading news while
> offline is a major difficulty. At least, I can arrange email to come
> directly to me, _I_ can apply spam filters before it gets to my modem, I
> can even change my email address sometimes if I wish so as to avoid spam.

Oh please.  You didn't bother to quote enough to make it clear what I'd
said.  I admitted that solution came with its own problems.  It's a
solution, but it certainly isn't perfect.  

In any case, reading news while offline is not at all a major difficulty. 
Leafnode will do the job with minimal setup.

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