Moving topics from one list to another [was Re: Ubuntu Popularity]

Paul O'Malley ompaul at
Thu Dec 29 23:58:28 GMT 2005

Eric Dunbar wrote:

>I thought this thread had already been moved to sounder...

It appears that cross posting keeps things alive in more than one place. 
I wonder if those who admin the lists want to think about blocking cross 
posted items. While saying a thread is moved is great for those who are 
subscribed to more than one list so they can follow it, it hurts other 
Ohh I said users - I meant people, who may not (A) have the time (B) the 
inclination and (C) most important the skills to easily follow threads 
that are moved around.

Supposing it was more applicable to a NameOtherDebianDerivedList?

Sorry Eric I do not agree that these things can move about, therefore I 
popped this on sounder, I read user, sounder, dev, marketing, sec, 
announce, dapper accepted, a couple of different lugs, a sage (if I can 
still call it that) chapter, personal mail, a committee for something, a 
bsd list, special interest stuff. Should I subscribe to others? Just to 
follow a thread seems unreasonable.

Just a thought, please feel free to be provoked.

Now if you want to talk about what is on topic and what is off topic 
then that is a whole other discussion.


Paul O'Malley

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