Forking (was Ubuntu Under Attack)

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Dec 28 20:59:32 GMT 2005

John wrote:

> Eric Dunbar wrote:
>> This is a great thread in the questions is raises, BUT IT REALLY

Yelling gets you nowhere, and you're wrong anyway.

> Moving a thread from one list to another is never a good idea because
> 1. Probably, many existing participants are not on both lists
> 2. People on the new list but not on the old won't have seen the context
> 3. For those on both, it has little/no effect on the volume of their
> email, but will cause problems with threading, filtering maybe including
> killfiles, and their recalling what went where.
> and IMV crossposting to multiple lists is plain rude. It just makes me
> cross.

A good reason to switch to reading the lists through gmane and nntp. Decent
newsreaders (eg, knode) can mark a message read in all groups if it's read
in one.  otoh, I've been guilty of treating these lists as newsgroups and
crossposting, forgetting that the majority of readers probably aren't using
a newsreader.

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