Ubuntu Christmas #1 single

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Sun Dec 25 02:42:58 GMT 2005

In Britain, one of the national obsessions that occurs every year at this
time is which pop artist is going to top the sales charts---the legendary
"Christmas #1".

Now many groups have won this prestigious recognition over the years;  
recent examples being Mr. Bobby, The Teletubbies and Bob the Builder.  
Somewhere in the middle of that unbeatable collection of colourfully-
dressed, plastic-puppets-aimed-at-kids came, the "Spice Girls"...

This year I'm lucky enough to be outside the UK, instead I've swapped the
build-up and climax of the Number-1 for below-freezing temperatures and a
guaranteed white Christmas.  There's real snow covering everything in sight;
that Aussie Xorg bloke is *sooo* going to get a shock if he ever moves here.

For the pleasure of all Ubunities out there, here's a little recording made
during the Ubuntu Montréal conference in November ...fairly late at night:

  http://www.paul.sladen.org/ubuntu/band/01-Summer-of-69.ogg  (2.1MB)

See if you can recognise anybody's voices!

Happy hacking (like you're going to be doing anything else this holiday. ;-)


PS.  If anyone's handy with Postfish and Audacity, there's more source
material that needs declipping...
This country is covered in white fluffy snow.  Helsinki, FI

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