Forums vs Mailing Lists

Derek Broughton news at
Sat Dec 24 20:26:40 GMT 2005

Scott wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> I can see how Forum users could feel that way.  Personally, I killfile
>> the lot of them - it's not that I believe they have less to contribute, I
>> just can't follow their conversations when they all have the same name
>> and don't quote.
> When I read what you wrote here the first time, I was ready to jump in
> with  "but they do all have different names and most of them quote".
> Then it dawned on me you were referring to the forum posts that end up
> on the ubuntu-users list.   That's a whole different ballgame.

Do they really quote?  When you're looking at a web page that shows the
messages you're responding to, there's rarely an impetus to quote - and I
certainly never saw any sign of quoting on ubuntu-users

>  >  If the Forums would at least allow people to create an account (I
>> expect they do) and use that account information to create the From
>> header on the mailing list, I'd stop ignoring them.
> The problem is the software.  The folks need to figure
> out how to better interface with mailing lists.  

As I understood it, when the list was first gated to the Forum, forum
usernames were actually used - and then shortly after, someone decided that
was a Bad Thing.  Perhaps I misunderstood, but if that _is_ what happened
it was a bad idea.

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