Boycott iRiver until they become Linux/Mac friendly

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Thu Dec 22 09:18:31 GMT 2005

Brian Puccio wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 15:18 +0100, Javier Monteagudo wrote:
>> I've recently bought an mp3 player from iaudio [1]. This players work
>> perfectly under win/mac/linux plataforms. 
>> Mine is the U2 model, and 'till now I'm quite happy with the purchase.
>> [1]
> A new linux convert of mine has an iAudio and is thrilled with it. I was
> planning on purchasing their up and coming iAudio U3 as it is a
> solid-state, linux-friendly FLAC player. However, I just bought a Nokia
> 770.

I've read nothing but great things about iAudio's products (even from 
people who aren't Linux centric).  I'm surprised I've not heard m0ore 
about the company in general (media, advertisements etc).

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