online banking and strategic Ubuntu upgrade opportunities

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Wed Dec 21 19:17:31 GMT 2005

I'm sure many of you will appreciate the irony of the error reported
by, particularly the last sentence (which I separated from
the paragraph for effect):

At 11:37 AM -0500 12/20/05, Eric Dunbar wrote:
>Hi all, if you want a chuckle, fire up IE 5.2.3 (if you have it
>installed under your OS X (if you have OS X installed ;-)) and go to
>IE's default home page (

"Why does MSN look like this? Your browser cannot find our style and
presentation information and as a result may not display the page properly.
You are welcome to use the page as is, or upgrade your browser to its
latest version which may address the problem. If you are using Microsoft
Internet Explorer, go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer website to install
the latest version. If you are using another browser, see the provider's
website for more information.

If you are using Internet Explorer for Mac, we recommend that you use
another browser to have an optimal experience on MSN."

On 12/21/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at> wrote:
> > > Some financial institutions have posted notices that soon customers will
> > > no longer be permitted to do online banking via windows98 systems.  This
> > > seems like a good opportunity to help a lot of people escape to the
> > > enlightened domain of Free Software. [...]
> > >
> > Interesting. Google has plenty of references when searching for Windows
> > 98 banking (no quotes). The same situations seems to apply to Win98SE
> > and WinME. Also remember Firefox 1.5 is supposedly OK with Win98:
> >
> >
> > An example of bank warnings:
> >
> >
> here is another one from another canadian bank:
> "Please note: As of June 30, 2006, Microsoft will no longer support
> Windows 98. Because Microsoft will no longer be providing security
> updates, CIBC will no longer support browsers used in combination with
> the Windows 98 operating system. CIBC strongly recommends that you
> upgrade your operating system before this date."

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