menu troubles (heh)

John dingo at
Tue Dec 20 21:53:57 GMT 2005

Michael Shigorin wrote:

> Single app can be a "music player"; 

No, many users use more than one computer, and it's important to know 
_which_ mustic player. Imagine a support call:

   Music Player doesn't work!
   Which music player?
   You know, Music Player?

atm I'm trying to get Wife to try out my old laptop which should be 
entirely sufficient for her needs, in place of the bulky, older Pentium 
III. Her major lament is, "Why is it different?" The laptop is running 
FC3, the P III Warty.

Probably, email clients illustrate the point better than music players. 
I use mostly Pine, Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird, sometimes Kmail and 
rarly but not never Mutt and Evolution. On OS X it's Mail and Thunderbird.

They are very different critters, and a user coming from OS X t Linux 
would be in for a very rude shock were any of the of the common Linux 
email clients labelled "Mail."

 > when there are *two* music
> players on the system, they have to get their own names.

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