Ubuntu is under attack

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 18:46:20 GMT 2005

> _I_ don't regret creating the *nix script, but, then again, I'm a
> tinkerer by nature. However, I haven't really had to use that
> knowledge since I created that script (a testament to the stability
> and predictability of YellowDogLinux (FC2-FC3 PPC-only hybrid)).
> A "normal" user wouldn't have been able to create that script -- the
> computer would've required them to be too much of a slave (tool) to
> the computer.

However, a "normal" user would've been able to do precisely what I did
with Mac OS X's drag-and-drop.

Yeah, they would've had to drop around 120 euro ($140 USD?) on the
whole exercise (assuming they had a Mac but not Mac OS X 10.4 or the
apps needed to do the converting, LEGALLY), but, even if you value
your time at only 10 euro/hour I can guarantee you that most users
would save themselves thousands of euros in not having to program
their computer computer if they wanted to do this... there is a reason
people are willing to sometimes pay for LEGAL proprietary software.

I've spent a life time with computers which means I have a fairly
substantial knowledge base -- most computer users haven't and don't
have my knowledge base (which pales when set beside some), and, for
them their time is money (tinkering is entertainment to me so for me
it's time well "spent").


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