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Sun Dec 18 00:40:55 GMT 2005

<quote who="Scott">

> Is everything that's important to you, important to everyone else on the 
> planet and vice-versa?

It's not a critical feature. It's preferential. That is not to say that it
is not important. But when you're raising it as something that might show
an "unfriendliness to newbies", it's not really a good point to use (there
are much better ones available).

> As to the part you didn't mention, GNOME menu entries are just downright
> lame.
> Is it "Text Editor or "Gedit"?  Rhythmbox or "Music Player" Make up your
> mind, GNOME.  Better yet, list them like KDE lists applications.

"GEdit" means nothing, so it's "Text Editor", a fine name for a simple app
that does one job well. "Rhythmbox Music Player" is the menu entry for our
yummy digital music player and library. Easy to learn, easy to love. We've
made up our mind on this front, and documented it in the Human Interface
Guidelines. KDE, on the other hand, lets you configure the menu to display
application names however you want (even if that ends up being the K* mess
of names users won't grok, which GNOME used to inflict on people too).

- Jeff

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