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Sun Dec 18 00:30:25 GMT 2005

<quote who="Scott">

> GNOME still has strangely ignored some pretty *basic* newbie-friendly 
> stuff as I've pointed out here: 

Changing the colour of widgets or window decorations is not an A1 crucial
feature for any user profile [1], it's a 100% preferential, non-critical bit
of bling. Even Windows XP has relegated their anal-retentive colour changer
to a 'details' dialogue behind the theme selection page.

However, we now have named colour support in GTK+, and a feature such as
this will appear soon. It's really just been waiting for someone to write

(Here's what I think will happen: The various 'appearance' related dialogues
will be merged, basic selection colour changing will be at the forefront of
that dialogue, while theme and font selection will be relegated to some back
water details page, much like control/window/icon theme selection now.)

- Jeff

[1] except, arguably, those with accessibility concerns, which we go out of
our way to solve through custom themes.

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