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Sat Dec 17 15:18:51 GMT 2005

En/na Scott ha escrit:

> What if you can't find a supplier that fully meets your needs by itself?

Go and find what I need out of my distro at my own risk?

Learn and become a hacker myself?

Sugest a new feature where appropriate?

These are questions made mainly by power users or pre-programmers.
Normal users are used to not being able to "find a supplier that fully
meets your needs" when going shopping, repairing our car, refurbishing
our house... Life is unperfect, we are unperfect, the results of our
work and unperfect, and yet this is why living is a beautiful and
exciting experience.

Chasing perfection is challenging, but don't get too obsessed about it.
Perfection in itself is plain boring.

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