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Fri Dec 16 13:34:44 GMT 2005

I'm not saying to take the exact aproach firefox has taken. Gnome could
develop some extensions which are official, but optional to use. They could
be included in distros the same way other packages are included.

Anyway, it was just a suggestion for providing advanced preferences for
power users while maintaining the uncluttered & easy-to-use with sensible
defaults gnome aims to deliver.

Something has to be considered. As jeff said in his blog linus is a kind of
user gnome has left down and because of that he has eventually left gnome.

ps: I forgot to forward the message to the list. Sorry.

On 12/16/05, John <dingo at> wrote:
> Javier Monteagudo wrote:
> > I think a perfect but simple aproach would be the one firefox has taken.
> > The basic browser has the main proferences/features needed in a browser,
> if
> > you need something else you can use
> > the extensions interface to code it.
> >
> Thankyou, but no. Anything that's not in the distro becomes a pain in
> the neck for users of several computers to maintain.
> I'm much in favour of using what my supplier supplies, and if I don't
> like my supplier find a new one.
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