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I think a perfect but simple aproach would be the one firefox has taken.
The basic browser has the main proferences/features needed in a browser, if
you need something else you can use
the extensions interface to code it.

I believe some apps in gnome already have a similar way of doing this with
the use
of python interfaces & building python extensions for that interfaces (gedit
2.13 has this & maybe others).
Choosing a high level language like python makes it more simple to create
this extensions so I think it's the way to go.

If a dev thinks a feature is useful but not apropiate for n00bs he could
code it as a python extension & not include it by default. The power user
would know how to add this feature to the app & start using it. If every
gnome dev agreed on this eventually every part of gnome could be extensible
for the power user & still remain easy to use on a default installation for

my 2€

On 12/16/05, Michael Shigorin <mike at> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 09:03:55PM +0000, Martin J Hooper wrote:
> > Same here - I use mostly KDE when I use Linux.  Having tried
> > Gnome I find that it is not as configurable as I would like.
> Maybe someone tells the GNOME usability kids the magic keywords
> "user level"?  It's powerful approach invented quite long ago
> (New Deal's GeoWorks AFAIR) which could resolve this knot.
> It could be like, a single setting (maybe even not doable via GUI
> at its default "n00b" level, just CLI or after e.g. a year of
> successful progress with a system) which would allow for the
> "Advanced..." button to appear at the next level where it's
> appropriate, and just stick e.g. another tab into dialogs
> at yet higher level.
> This way, developers wouldn't have to live in flame ghetto for
> that matter, being able to use proper features but not overwhelm
> corporate users vendors care for (and hobby developers should not
> have this requirement as a *must* IMHO).
> PS: maybe I've already tried to communicate this message here
> (not willing to get onto yet another list for just that matter)...
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