blog entry: "Installation Face Off: Linux or Windows"

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Dec 14 15:13:15 GMT 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

> "Installation Face Off: Linux or Windows"
> The author installed both Ubuntu and WindowsXP, and did a photo
> gallery of the installation of each using flickr.
> His conclusions:
> "At the end of the day, I did not find one easier to install than the
> other. So all of you Linux zealots that say it is so much easier to
> install Linux than Windows XP are wrong and I will even go out on a
> limb and say that Windows Vista will be easier to install than any
> Linux distribution available today."

Odd.  I've never heard "linux zealots" say it is easier to install Linux
that Windows.  After all, we're hamstrung by the fact that Windows is
already installed on most systems.  The single greatest problem we face on
installing a brand new Linux system is usually how to keep the existing
Windows partition.

It does seem as if he had his own agenda to prove when he can't find that
Windows _is_ easier to install but assures us that the next-generation
vaporware will be easier than the _current_ version of Ubuntu.

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