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Tthe topic is technically irrelevant but thanks to it I'm realising that
I was perhaps lost in translation.

I didn't know a drake could be a duck, I thought it was equivalent to a
dragon, any sort of dragons. I suspected the idea came from Mark, who
has some 2D and 3D (dapper) dragons.

I thought it was a suitable codename for the next release since the
(Chinese) dragon is the symbol of yang, and if you are just a but
familiar with Ubuntu and daoism (or, well, Dragonball manga also may
work) you will probably agree that the aim that is being put on the next
release is 100% yang.

But this has nothing to do with ducks. Nor with European dragons
(apparently the only dragons that can be also drakes).

If you're curious:

(...) Chinese dragons (among others) are generally seen as benevolent,
whereas European dragons are usually malevolent.

(...) A number of Chinese proverbs and idioms also feature references to
the dragon, for example: "Hoping one's child will become a dragon (ie.
be as successful and powerful as a dragon)".

(...) a European dragon

En/na Olafur Arason ha escrit:

> But a dragon has the image of having to fight it, getting burned and having to
> kill it.

Please note that yours is a European malevolent dragon, statistically a
minority.  ;)

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