Mini-review of Hoary at Distroreviews

Christian Jensen cj2003 at
Sun Aug 28 03:32:41 CDT 2005

The reviewer had a lot of troubles with other distrbutions, but then of 
course Ubuntu worked!

"Had an Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary CD. Decided to give that a try. Popped the CD 
into the drive, rebooted, and wow, the install was very straight 
forward. Following the text based install was easy, even I could do it. 
Then the desktop was active. This version of Linux loaded the GNOME 
desktop. Being so entrenched in MS Windows, I was expecting to see the 
KDE desktop after install, very similar KDE to MS Windows desktop. After 
playing around with the GNOME desktop, I found everything logically 
placed and to my liking. My desktop is clean of all clutter and icons. 
The look and feel is growing on me every time I use Ubuntu Linux. I am 
really liking this, alot. The wireless connection to the internet was 
easy to set up. I'm impressed.
To sum it up, this newbie likes Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Linux OS very much. I 
am not a programmer of any sort, neither am I a techno geek. I just want 
something that works, looks great and is not a hassle to work with. I 
give this Linux OS distro two thumbs up, especially for someone who also 
became a recent MS Windows refugee. Try the GNOME desktop, you might be 
suprised and even like it. "

So okay, who of you guys/ladies wrote it???

Best regards

Christian Jensen
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