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Sascha Morr sascha.morr at heidenwelt.de
Sun Aug 21 00:45:08 CDT 2005

Hello John,

> I didn't think .de had fall?? here in .au we don't; we have Autumn. 
> Mostly, plants don't shed their leaves in most of Australia. Even 
> myroses have been flowering all winter so far. (They're stil going to 
> get their heads cut off RSN).

Hm the online dictionary i use mean fall is american englisch and autumn 
is british english, both for the same word in german (herbst). The 
season between summer and winter :-)

> Bear in mind that your summer is our winter. And that most of Australia 
> does not have snow in Winter.

Hm ok thats an arguement!

> The aborigines reckon that here in Perth we have five seasons!

Five Seasons? O_o


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