an interesting comparison of the open source development process and guerilla warfare

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Fri Aug 12 04:29:29 CDT 2005

Paul Harper wrote:

> Actually I think he is right.

Ok, just to play the role of the stubborn cynic, I don't believe there is
any significant connection between Open Source development and the tactics
of terrorism beyond the one obvious thing both are using:  the Internet. 
In one of the articles they even go on to contradict themselves when they
talk about independent groups sharing information without even "liking" one
another.  I'd argue that has nothing to do with OS development at all, as
OS is generally a collaborative, but decentralized, operation.  The vast
majority of OS Devs don't have a problem with one another, and are largely
like-minded.  What I do believe is that the successful "tactics" mentioned
all flow *inevitably* from the technology that makes them possible in the
first place: the Internet.

>> warning: not specifically related to Ubuntu.

Warning:  dangerously political as well, as the comments section after the
first article makes the whole thing sound like a poor defense of the US
administration's decisions about Iraq.

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