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Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Sat Apr 30 09:28:31 CDT 2005

Greeting Sounders,

I got through my stack of 100 Warty CD back in February within a week.
Mostly, they have been handed out at the University to fellow students,
but I also succeeded in converting the CS dept two Linux techs over to
Ubuntu.  Most probably, the dept will switch to Ubuntu (from Sarge) for
their Linux laptop image.  JS, if you are on the list, maybe you could
chime in ?

One nice thing the dept tech did with the stack of CD I gave them was to
put one in each of the MSDN kits they lend to students.  That is pretty
subersive, when you think about it ...

I am also pretty active within my LUG (  For example, I
organize monthly Linux peer-support workshop, where I have been handing
out quite a few CD too.  I think the Ubuntu CD make great promotionnal
material; they are real, manufactured, CD with an attractive jacket,
which make them easier to give away than a CD-R in a bland sleeve.
Considering it is such a good vehicule, I decided to use them to promote
my LUG too.  I printed out labels with my LUG coordinates and stick them
on the back of the CD.  The labels basically say :

"Québec Linux User Group -- info at
Peer support and networking"

When I received my Hoary shipment, I plan on advertising availability on
the LUG members mailing list, and invite people to find good targets for
give-away in their own circles (work, school, etc).  I also plan on
advertising (politely, not spamming) Hoary CD availability on other
local tech-related lists and forum.

One last thing I am planning to do, and I put high hope in it, is to
build a network of Ubuntu CD distribution points.  I plan to contact a
few computer hardware reseller, and offer them a stack of Ubuntu to give
away as perk to their customers.  They could, for example, keep the
stack near the cash register and invite people to take one away
graciously.  I think that would be awesome publicity for both Ubuntu and
my LUG, as we will be able to reach people that we can't reach
otherwise.  So far, I have a verbal agreement with one retailer, and
another member of my LUG is working on another one.  I would like to
recruit two or three more, and begin with a small network at first.  I
will let the list know how it fold out in the comings months.

As you can guess, I am *eagerly* awaiting my shipment.  Hat's off to
Mako for his good work on Shipit, and to Mark for his generous support
of the program.  You guys are great !

Etienne Goyer

Benj. Mako Hill wrote:
> We send out loads of CDs and it's always good to hear what sort of
> good people are putting those CDs to. I got an email recently from
> Marco Zennaro who is doing one of the cooler projects with Ubuntu CDs
> that I've seen. He work with the Science Dissemination Unit in Italy
> and has been sending CDs to the researchers who stop by. He's already
> given out CDs to people from 27 countries and he's tracking them on
> a website!
> We're going to send him 500 more CDs so he can keep up the good work.
> You can check out the site here:
> Regards,
> Mako

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