Why no mention of GNU?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at canonical.com
Sun Apr 10 16:46:11 CDT 2005

* Eric Feliksik 

| As Ubuntu would all be about the spirit of free software, I
| think mentioning and being proud of the GNU project would be in place.
| The topicstarter mentioned ubuntu is a Debian derivative. I know there
| are more Debian projects, like Debian GNU/Hurd, so one could say the
| GNU/Linux naming is for disambiguation. Still, GNU/Linux is a right name.
| Of course, Linux is more known. Linux is easier to say than GNU/Linux.
| Of course, Richard Stallman is a highly controversial fundamentalist.
| And that's why he deserves all my respect.

Ubuntu is Ubuntu, not Ubuntu Linux or Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

| There is no need to let Ubuntu fulfill the role of the FSF, or GNU.org
| (we all know RMS is already shocked by the fact Ubuntu distributes the
| multiverse repository, as it contains non-free sofware).  

There has been talk of a GNUbuntu with only free-as-in-FSF-free
software.  Anybody is free to do that, and it should be easy once
Launchpad is ready.

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