command-line vs nautilus

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Apr 3 14:28:17 CDT 2005

After watching the debate going on about the "new" Nautilus in Hoary,
I have reached now the conclusion that I'm a dinosaur:  I use the
command line probably 99% of the time, with Nautilus being used in
Hoary only for burning CDs.

Nautilus seems a very nice polished file manager, but personally I
have always found these GUI interfaces very limiting compared to the
good old command line. It's tough to retrain an old dog after years of
command line usage in unix/linux...

And for the record, I do like the new way Nautilus operates since it
closely follow the way I use Nautilus the few times I uses it, but the
timing was bad so close to the release.  I guess it is now a Ubutu
tradition to create a community debate just before a release: before
Warty it was the artwork debate; before Hoary it is the Nautilus
debate.   I'm sure many developpers now look forward to a more quiet
release for Breezy (hopefully!) :)

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