IBM to open source a Java Runtime environment?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sat Nov 27 13:45:29 CST 2004

"especially when IBM's intention to release a fully open-source JRE
(Java Runtime Environment) and class libraries within the next year or
so is about the worst-kept secret in the industry. IBM executives
scarcely even bother to deny this any more," Raymond wrote."

Obviously I'm not an industry insider since It's the first I have heard of it :)

Should try to promote more the IBM's jre instead of Sun's  jre for
Ubuntu on the mailing list when users ask about Java?  It could be
good on the long run as a way to promote a soon-to-be-open option. And
in a few tests I have done on my x86 machine the IBM java plugin
visually gives better results (for the fonts) than the Sun Java plugin
in Firefox.

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