Ubuntu Mailing List growth stats, Oxford-Mataro

Paul Sladen sounder at paul.sladen.org
Sun Dec 12 09:58:22 CST 2004

For those intrigued, I've did some graphing of the posting-statistics to
sounder/-devel/-user for the period between the current Ubuntu Conference
and the previous one held at Oxford during August.


The Goodness for Ubuntu people (trying desparately to follow the 18,000+
messages so far), is the growth curve is starting to rise /less/ sharply!  
Current stats are 150-200 messages per day down from the 350+/day that was
being reaching before and after the run up to the "Warty"  Ubuntu 4.10 RC.

One surprising feature is the large drop at weekends.  I guess some people
in the world still work 5-day-weeks... ;-)  This could also point to a large
percentage of non-geeks/business people using Ubuntu?

Enjoy!  (There's an SVG in there for anyone that needs it).

Is there no safe way to travel?  Mataro, ES

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