Some points/issues to discuss about the desktop

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Aug 31 11:55:25 CDT 2004

Hey everybody,

The time flies and we still have a bunch of things to do on the desktop
side. I'm listing here what I see as missing/needing dicussion at the
moment (the goal is to get advices, so all the comments are welcome).

* The panel menus:

Most of the changes have been made here, but:

- we still need to take a decision about places in the Computer menu.
I'm not sure that adding bookmarks and devices is a good idea, it'll
make a very long menu (and it needs some non-trivial hack which will
take time)

- the menu changes result with a part of the computer menu not localized
for the moment (#941).

* The wireless and battery applets in the default desktop displays
errors if you don't have a wireless device or a battery. What's the
decision about this ? (#945)

* The wallpaper doesn't fit on screen which don't have a 4/3 ratio. 
Perhaps we should change the default mode to stretched ?

* Which browser is the default ? firefox ? If yes, we probably need to
set it as default in the GNOME "prefered application" (and perhaps the
debian alternative) ? 

* We need to set a default list for mime type probably (at least set eog
instead of gimp (#479) for the images). This is done with a 
/usr/share/gnome/defaults.list file which contains "mime/type:
app.desktop" entries. We probably want a conffile for this, so put a
file in /etc with a symlink. desktop-file-utils seems to be the right
package to add this. 

* Mime association: do you see missing associations for the moment ?
I will update (#648) soon (I've a patch for this and just
need to figure how the add it in a proper way to the package).

* Do you think to some programs that should have an entry in the GNOME
menu and are missing for the moment ?

* Is there some branding needed not done yet (in evolution for
example) ?

* The "About Ubuntu..." menu entry opens the website for
the moment. Do we want something else for this ? A nice window like the
"About GNOME" one ?

* We should probably remove some of the screensavers from xscreensaver
(like the false crash screens). (#946)

* The trashapplet has some issue, and no reply from the devel in 2
weeks. We should probably drop it from the default configuration...

The main issues are:
- not localized
- we want to get some animation when a file is moved to on the top of
the trash
- it doesn't ask for confirmation before emptying the trash
- doesn't support transparent panels (white square around the icon)

* dictionnaries ? Some GNOME apps need to have aspell-lang packages to
do spellchecking (gedit for example), and we don't have other
dictionnary than aspell-en in warty ... perhaps we should consider
adding extra ones ? 

I think that's all for the moment. All the advices/comments are welcome,
and I would really appreciate some feedback on all this. 


Sebastien Bacher

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