sounder CD 6 reboots PC

Cef cef at
Mon Aug 30 21:21:40 CDT 2004

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 01:36, Matthew Parslow wrote:
> I just tried to install sounder CD6 onto an older duron (SCSI DVD, IDE
> HDD, gf2mx)
> immediately upon booting, (so quickly that you can't see if anything's
> loaded) it restarts the system. I tested an old debian CD I had lying
> around and it booted successfully. I'm currently grabbing CD 7 and I'll
> try changing the video card tomorrow for a G400
> in the meantime, any ideas would be welcomed

Is it rebooting when you try to boot the install media, or after the install? 
I'm guessing that it's with the install media, but I'll cover both anyway.

If it's booting the install media, I have to ask: Are you using a CD-RW? I've 
had issues with certain CD-RW's having issues while reading and either not 
booting at all, or just failing and resetting. This could also apply to 
CD-R's, but I've not personally experienced it. In my case I found that CD-RW 
16x-24x's (RW speed)  reading in older drives causes big issues.

If it's after the install and at first kernel boot, then this could be due to 
any number of issues. Grub afaik will reboot if it cannot load the kernel 
image properly.

In either case, if the kernel image decompresses badly (ie: the data produced 
is invalid, wether it's from a bad disk block, bad read, or bad kernel 
image), then it can reboot just after it finishes uncompressing the kernel to 

PS: Small world eh?

 Stuart Young - aka Cefiar - cef at

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