got root?

David Miller justdave at
Fri Aug 27 13:56:08 CDT 2004

Baptiste Mille-Mathias wrote:

> B wrote:
>> I'm been asked for root password but was not asked to set this during 
>> install.
> This is normal, the user root is disabled on ubuntu,. You must use the 
> commande sudo to make such kind of command (ex : "sudo vipw") with the 
> user you created during the installation.
>> Advice? Is this a bug?
> No, a feature. :)

An incomplete feature still, too.  Once it's all fixed up, all those 
utilities will ask for your password instead of root, and use sudo.

In the meantime, you can set a root pass with "sudo passwd root" if you 
want to try out the admin utils.

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