Sounder 7 usability notes

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Aug 27 12:19:07 CDT 2004

Le vendredi 27 août 2004 à 17:46 +0100, David Miller a écrit :

> - I think we should have the "always open in browser" option on by 
> default in nautilus.  I tried to find one of my source files in Malone 
> starting from double-clicking the Computer icon and going through 
> Computer > Filesystem > home > dave > Source > Warthogs > dists > 
> launchpad > lib > canonical > malone and wound up with 11 nautilus 
> windows open, 

middle click or shift+click closes the previous one.

> - dia-gnome is installed, but double-clicking a .dia file in nautilus 
> says "there was an error launching the application."  

Ok, that's a bug. I updated the postinst script to update the mime base
for dia but forgotten dia-gnome. A fixed package is building right now.

> again, now it shows /usr/bin/dia as the selected app.

Just a note, you don't need to add the full path, just "dia" should be


Sebastien Bacher

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