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Fri Aug 27 02:02:19 CDT 2004

> May I recommend that you ship "traceroute-nanog" instead of
> "traceroute" ?
> Those that work in NSPs/ISPs will appreciate, all the others will
> probably just not even notice.

It's nice to have but I don't think it's really important.  As mdz said
there have been numerious security issues with, and it is a mess

Most of us who work in NSPs/ISPs tend to use MTR for a quick look at
things before jumping on a router where in most cases the serious
troubleshooting starts.  The pmtu discovery, tos support, and AS lookups
that traceroute-nanog features provide fit into the "cool" category for

Though, having said that I'm going to go be a hypocrite and vote for the
inclusion of lft.

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