Installation report (failure)

David Edwards dave at
Sun Aug 22 14:31:45 CDT 2004

Finally managed to solve my problem regarding GRUB falling over my
partition table. From the manual I found out that grub can get device
file mappings wrong, especially if you have a special SCSI arrangement
(like SATA for instance). Had to edit the boot options from GRUB's menu
to get it to boot Ubuntu, then I had to change my reported device
mappings in the file /boot/grub/

Now everything is running smoothly, except an exceptionally long wait
while booting during the 'initrd-tools' line. As far as the actual OS
goes as an experience, I'm very happy. Nice selection of things in the
Applications menu, although I was given a power-management icon on my
top panel, which claimed that my desktop machine was running on battery

David Edwards.

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