gnome-panel menus

Andrew Sobala aes at
Tue Aug 24 17:35:48 CDT 2004


So I was told that feedback on the new menu structure in gnome-panel
would be welcome.

Generally I like it, most of the menu entries split nicely into
Applications/Computer. However, the entries under Computer are imho a
bit eclectic - it's still undeniably a dumping ground of all the menu
entries that don't fit anywhere else :/

One way to fix this would be to have a third "Files" menu for the folder
shortcuts, the recently used files and the gnome-search-tool entries.
Problem with that is it takes up more panel space, so it might not be

Otherwise, I think the "Files" entries mentioned above should be grouped
together, and the Lock Screen/Logout should be kept at the bottom of the
menu simply because that's where users from stock gnome or windows would
expect to find them.



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