First try of the LiveCD.

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Aug 22 10:15:46 CDT 2004

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 03:51:21PM +0200, Lionel (Ploum) Dricot wrote:

> I've tried the live CD today, but it's not at all a good experience :-(
> So, maybe you can completely forget the liveCD thing, but don't
> distribute the one I've downloaded.

Thanks for trying out this early release.

> 1) Provide a MD5 checksum for the ISO ;-) (I've lost one CD)

This is planned, and will be part of the process when it is automated.

> 2) The autodection was awful for me : no sound, resolution at 1024 max
> (instead of 1280 on my LCD screen). I must admit that my GeForce 4MX
> seems to be extremely buggy and that hardware recognition is the work of
> Morphix.

What kind of audio device do you have?  "lspci -v" output would be useful if
it is a PCI device.  Does a Warty install detect it correctly? (currently
the live and installed versions use different hardware detection methods).

Is this a laptop or a desktop?

> 3) Somes very buggy things : I cannot configure the printer because "Cups
> server cannot be contacted".

This is a known bug and should be corrected in the next live CD release.
I've filed it in bugzilla as #805.

> Also, a RAM disk appears on my desktop, but nothing happens if I try to
> open it. (it perhaps normal, but confusing for an user)

Probably normal; it may or may not be straightforward to hide it.

> 4) Choice of software is..intersting : why is there a "gtranslator" (a
> developper tool only, IMHO) ? On the other side, I'm not sure that I've
> seen an IM client..

gaim is an IM client and should be present under "Internet".  gtranslator is
under discussion and may or may not be in the final desktop package list.

> 5) The default config must be improved : a direct access to a web
> browser, to email and perhaps to word processor.  I know that the
> default gnome config provide only a terminal and a file browser in the
> panel, but I really think that it must be changed ;-) (Epiphany,
> Evolution). Also perhaps on the desktop ?

We plan to add additional launch icons for these common applications to the

 - mdz

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