LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set via a wrapper anymore?

Kyle Fazzari kyle.fazzari at canonical.com
Wed May 18 14:34:22 UTC 2016

On 05/18/2016 10:24 AM, Gustavo Niemeyer wrote:
> I'm probably misunderstanding. Are you saying that the behavior of
> "snapcraft snap <directory>" is completely different from the behavior
> of "cd <directory>; snapcraft snap"?

Yes, you understand correctly. `snapcraft snap` (or just `snapcraft`)
will look for a `snapcraft.yaml` and go through snapcraft's lifecycle of
pull, build, stage, strip, and snap. Whereas `snapcraft snap
<directory>` is the new `snappy build`, where it just snaps up the
directory provided. This is used for OS snaps and other situations where
one wants to write the `snap.yaml` and other metadata by hand.

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