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Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Mon May 16 17:59:56 UTC 2016

Hello snapcrafters,

We just had a great design sprint in Vancouver last week, discussing the so
many new ideas that will be landing in the next few months. We'll be slowly
covering those in the coming weeks.

As part of these conversations, we also talked about the fact we have two
mailing lists today, snappy-devel and snappy-app-devel, which have
cross-over content and audiences.

We decided to fix that by moving both of them into a single one:
snapcraft at

Messages sent to the old lists will be properly redirected to the new
location, and the members of both will be moved over to the new one

This will be happening imminently, so your categorization filters will need
some tweaking soon.

gustavo @
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