USB driver issues with 3G modem

Marius Heil m.heil at
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I have false posted to the app-devel group before, so here is the updated version:
I have successfully compiled and installed usb_modeswitch, Networkmanager and ModemMager on snappy Ubuntu for Raspberry in order to get a 3G stick to work.
3G connections work well and I am almost happy with the setup, but there is one problem:
When I disconnect the 3G stick from the Raspberry while it is connected to the internet, it will produce an infinite loop of:
option_instat_callback: error -71
This could of course happen with power failure, etc,... so I have to fix this problem.

I have read through various forum posts and I could not find any fix. When I tested the same on an Ubuntu machine, it seemed to work more gracefully and the USB device
was detached successfully. What kind of USB driver is snappy ubuntu using?

I have now found this commit:
which seems to describe the problem pretty well and I am wondering what steps I would have to take to recompile the kernel / some driver, to include this patch.

My snappy image is: ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-raspi2.img

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