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On Mon, 2016-05-09 at 15:47 +0200, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> one of my action items from Ubuntu Online Summit was to start this
> discussion to find out who's doing which work on interfaces right now.
> Our idea was that it'd help if we brought engineers, testers, app
> developers and others together early on and link to the various
> available code branches from the documentation as examples.
> If you're involved in interfaces work, please speak up.

 * bluez (morphis): committed but needs extra work based on recent
   location-service PR review
 * mir (kgunn): mir in kiosk mode. I believe a PR submission is close
 * network-manager (morphis):
 * pulseaudio (zyga):
 * location-service (ssweeney):
 * unity7 appmenu (jdstrand)

Others that are in the queue that I'm aware of but that haven't been started
 * docker (presumably kickinz1, but I (jdstrand) may take a crack at it soon)
 * lxd (presumably stgraber)
 * ofono
 * modemmanager

And then there are classes of issues like an interface for camera access, for
serial ports, for USB sensors, etc. I believe the sprint this week will be
enumerating a number of these.

Note, niemeyer, zyga and I (jdstrand) do the PR reviews and work with the
requesters on the best way to implement the interface. If there are other
interfaces that are needed, feel free to file a bug at
t/snappy/+filebug and add the 'snapd-interface' tag.

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