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Hey Sergio,

There was so much discussion around these terms that it'll probably be
quite difficult to change them now.

Just as some insight into aspects that were considered:

- The term "consumes" implies depletion, which is unsound for some of the

- Both consumers and providers must "implement" their end of the interface
for it to work, so "implements" meaning one end would create terminology

- If we implement and consume interfaces, we don't have terms to refer to
the two endpoints in a tangible way; what is today "the plug" becomes "the
consuming endpoint of the interface" ("the consumer" won't cut, because
that's the snap itself)

- We need terms for the connection aspect; we might still "connect" the
consumer to the implementer, but the analogy is poor compared to connecting
plugs to slots.

- Plugs and slots are both short and have the same number of letters.

... and so on.

On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 9:43 AM, Sergio Schvezov <
sergio.schvezov at> wrote:

> El 03/03/16 a las 16:15, Gustavo Niemeyer escribió:
> >
> > Okay, change in direction: I've discussed this with the team, and the
> > response was 100% positive on the term inversion, so we'll go ahead and
> > do it.
> Can I bikeshed for a bit?
> Instead of inverting the term I want to pitch `implements` and
> `consumes` for `interfaces`. There is no analogy (with physical devices
> that can confuse folk) and they are well understood terms, and fit well
> with `interfaces`.
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