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Hi Andrea,

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> I can't help thinking of a slot as a way to provide something, and if you
> want to use that something you "plug" your snap into it.
> Mainly because of the mental image I have of the "plugging" action, I
> think: there is a slot that sits there in the system, if you want some
> functionality you "plug" your snap in it...
> Does that make sense? Am I missing something? :)

We haven't questioned this much because the previous terms we used already
had slots on that end (the other side wasn't a physical analogy). So when
we decided to use plug it was already clear which one that was.

Even then, which way is "right" on the physical world depends on what we
have at hand. If you're thinking about energy, for example, low voltage
devices pretty much always have the plug as the powered side. If you have a
USB device at hand, then...?

At the same time, I wouldn't mind having inverted the terms before, but now
it feels slightly too late to do that once again.

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