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Hi Leo,

Following up on our conversation online:

On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 11:46 AM, Leo Arias <leo.arias at> wrote:

> Edge:
> We will build an ubuntu-core snap for every change in the snappy
> master branch and release it to the edge channel. This channel is
> gated by the automated executions in pull requests: static analysis,
> unit and integration tests.

> Beta:
> Every night we will run all the automated tests we have using the edge
> channel. If everything is green, we will have an automatic promotion
> to beta.

If we have automated tests running every night for a release, these should
also be run before the release is made into the Edge channel itself.

We shouldn't be forced to use Beta just because the Snappy infrastructure
supports it. If we do use it, the difference should be more meaningful.

Release Candidate:
> Every two weeks, we will promote from beta to release candidate. We
> will use this channel to do a lot of exploratory testing. And as
> almost every RC version will be the same as a stable version, we will
> verify the updates and rollbacks. We will test RC in the boards that
> we don't have available in the lab, and we will manually run the few
> tests that can't be automated.
> We will use the first two or three releases to find new gates and
> process changes that will let us release every week.
> Stable:
> Once we are happy with the exploratory testing on RC, we will promote
> to Stable. After the promotion, we will trigger the automated tests
> again and verify updates and rollbacks.

Why?  Anything relevant happening here should have been done on the RC. If
we think we need to run tests twice because it's not quite safe to run only
once, we should do it twice on the RC itself. After it reaches stable, it's
too late. We'll have a massive number of people "testing" it for us.

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