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On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 7:32 PM, Jamie Strandboge <jamie at>

> What about things that are pure permissions capabilities like
> 'container-management' (there are actually quite a few of these we agreed
> to at
> the sprint)? AIUI, lxd and docker would consume this capability and
> provide a
> 'lxd' or 'docker' (respectively) capability that another snap could then
> consume. Do we consider the OS snap the providing snap for
> 'container-management' or is something different going to happen?

Mapping that to the new language, the ubuntu-core snap will offer a
container-management capability, and the docker snap will consume it via a
container-management capability slot,

With that said, I'd try to pick a new name for "contrainer-management" due
to the ambiguity there. What docker arguably does is to "manage
containers", so it's reasonable to expect it to provide that capability
instead of consuming it, but what you're referring to AIUI is about the
low-level OS access necessary for _being_ a manager. In either case, that's
an unrelated issue we can easily solve by tweaking that name.

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