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Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Jan 11 17:41:06 UTC 2016

On 01/11/2016 02:45 AM, Michael Vogt wrote:
> The next steps are:
> - We stop image imports for 16.04 in the system-image server.
>   So no more updates and no new snappy that contains changes
>   that would break those systems.

A nice property of the current system is that it automatically pulls in changes
to packages from the archive that comprise the image in daily builds, etc. In
the new world, will there be a process in place for os snap daily autouploads to
the store? Eg, snappy or glibc or systemd in the archive changes-- will that
trigger os snap generation and upload to an appropriate channel or will someone
have to manually regenerate the os snap for these things?


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