Raspberry PI 2 call snaps from snaps

Arne Vanstraeseele av at qbmt.be
Mon Feb 29 14:28:29 UTC 2016

Hello everybody,

I'm making a snap on my raspberry pi 2 with the rolling version of Ubuntu
snappy. What the snap needs to do is showing all the applications in a web
interface. One of the main functionalities of the web interface is start an
application. But every application needs to be separate snap. So at the end
the user can surf to the web interface and start application easily. But I
have some problems.

How can I start an snap from an other snap? I know it is not possible to
call the wrapper of the other snap from my application.
But how can I solve this problem properly?

Many thanks,
Arne Vanstraeseele
(noizer from the IRC channel)
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