Support for MTD devices (NAND/NOR Flash)

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Mon Feb 29 11:57:59 UTC 2016

In principle, any read-write filesystem is fine for the bulk partition
of snaps and user data. We understand the value of wear-levelling
filesystems and would be glad to see those integrated. There may be some
constraints imposed by firmware, but if your device supports it we can
get there.

There may be work to be done (over time we expect to flesh out support
for more complex cases, such as NVRAM storage of critical items) but it
all seems achievable on the 16.04 branch (which will continue to evolve
even though the actual OS is stable).


On 29/02/16 06:03, Wolfgang Tolkien wrote:
> I'm new to Snappy, and so far it seems very impressive! I have a few
> questions though: we are looking at Snappy as a possible platform for
> future products and I noticed that all the hardware platforms that are
> supported so far seem to have SD/MMC/eMMC storage (or of course
> regular HDDs/SSDs for larger systems)
> Is it possible to run Snappy on hardware that uses MTD devices in
> combination with filesystems such as UBI or JFFS2?
> And if the answer is no, are there any plans to support this in the
> future?
> Many thanks,
> Wolfgang

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