Improving available entropy

Simon Eisenmann simon at
Mon Feb 8 12:21:27 UTC 2016

Am 08.02.2016 um 12:17 schrieb Oliver Grawert:
>>> > > I think including rng-tools everywhere is a good idea: for only 80KB or so
>>> > > of storage space the value it gives is fantastic. I'd rather it be
>>> > > included everywhere and set up by default to the extent we can.
>> > 
>> > It does not help to include rng-tools and then start it eventually. It
>> > is important that the boot process blocks until a certain amount of
>> > entropy bits has become available as during first boot persistent keys
>> > are generated (essentially without entropy).
>> > 
>> > I think boot / all initialization of snaps and system wide services
>> > should block until at least 1024 bits of entropy are available for the
>> > first time.
> i disagree... we should make sure to only block services that actually
> make use of the entropy by having properly defined dependencies between
> systemd units, not delay the whole boot process ;)

Yeah sure, it does not have to block the whole boot process, as long as
it it possible for Snaps to wait on entropy as well.

> ... and in that light we should perhaps consider pulling rng-tools into
> the initrd to have it start as early as /sys and /dev are there so even
> these delays are as short as possible.

Yes it would be good to have rngd running from the initrd. Though as it
is a daemon, does it then need to be restarted when rootfs takes over?
Another issue is the configuration of rngd - i guess it would be a start
to have the autodetect logic as in the init script but ultimatively this
is hardware dependent and thus might need to be different from platform
to platform.


Yeah well


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