Making x86 images

Alan Pope alan.pope at
Sun Apr 24 21:49:39 UTC 2016


Previously I've used the following command to create a generic snappy
image, but it no longer works.

$ sudo ./ubuntu-device-flash core rolling --channel edge --os
xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.os.snap  --kernel
xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.kernel.snap --gadget canonical-pc -o

Failing with;- "failed to find os snap: snap not found".

What's the name I should use in place of xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.os.snap?
In addition, what should I use if I wanted to make a 32-bit image for
an older machine which isn't 64-bit? The website docs [1] just say
"use ubuntu-device-flash" without saying how.


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