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Here is a blog post for this announcement, updated to cover more details
about the release:

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> Ubuntu and Snappy community, it's time to celebrate!
> After another intense week and a long Saturday focused on observing and
> fine tuning the user experience, the development team is proud to announce
> that Snappy 2.0 has been tagged.
> This is an important moment for the project, as it materializes most of
> the agreements that were made over the past year, and does so with the
> promise of stability. So you may trust that the important external APIs of
> the project (filesystem layout, snap format, REST API, etc) will not change
> from now on.
> The features that went into this release are way too rich for me to
> describe in this email, but you may expect us to be covering the many
> interesting aspects of Snappy 2.0 in the coming weeks. Rich interfaces
> between snaps that control security and confinement, comprehensive
> observation and control of system changes, completion and undoing of
> partial system changes across restarts/reboots/crashes, local and remote
> macaroon-based authentication, a polished filesystem layout and CLI
> experience, modern sequencing of revisions.
> Still, the most remarkable aspect about this release to me is that it is a
> solid foundation. This release exports APIs and is constructed in a way to
> be proud of, and together with this team will be delighted to spend the
> foreseeable future building a platform the world has never seen.
> As a final note, I can't thank the development team enough for the
> dedication they have put into the project over the past year, and specially
> over these last two weeks. You were the make it or break it of this
> project, and you made it. Thank you!
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