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Gunther Laure Gunther.Laure at
Fri Apr 15 06:24:35 UTC 2016


I am struggling for days now trying to get a custom (or newer) kernel to boot on a amd64 (Atom) board (or in Virtual Box).

Currently the board is running the infamous image.

Today I stopped trying to get one of my kernel.snaps to work and downloaded a provided kernel.snap:

I could not install this one using sideloading:

ubuntu at localhost:~$ sudo snappy install xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.kernel.snap
Installing xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.kernel.snap
xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.kernel.snap failed to install: package "canonical-pc-linux" is already installed with origin "canonical" your origin is "sideload"

So I unpacked it with unsquasfh:
unsquashfs ../xenial-preinstalled-core-amd64.kernel.snap

Changed the name in meta/snapcraft.yaml

and compressed it again:
mksquashfs squashfs-root test1.snap -noappend -comp xz -no-xattrs

I am installing the kernel.snap:
sudo snappy install test1.snap
Installing test1.snap

Name                  Date       Version      Developer
canonical-pc          2016-02-02 3.0          canonical
canonical-pc-linux    2016-03-21 4.4.0-14-1   canonical
custom-pc-linux-trion 2016-04-14 LWNSFLbcjhSj sideload
trionet               2016-04-06 LVdChFfSWTRn sideload
ubuntu-core           2016-03-08 16.04.0-24   canonical
Reboot to use custom-pc-linux-trion version LWNSFLbcjhSj.

But after the reboot I seem to be stuck in the initrd:
grep: /proc/device-tree/model: No such file or directory

After some time
findfs: unable to resolve 'LABEL=writeable'

cannot find 'writable' partition

BusyBox ...

This is not board specific as I can reproduce the same behaviour in VirtualBox.

?Thanks for your help.

Bye Gunther

PS: The recovery function works good. The next reboot always find its way back to the default working kernel.
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