RPi2 image of the new snappy 15.04 stable release

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 26 12:40:10 UTC 2015


I'm happy to announce that the new and improved RPi2 image is now also
ready for use.

The device parts have been switched to use a 4.2 kernel now, kudos to
the Ubuntu Kernel team for the hard work to get the linux-raspi2 package
into the Ubuntu archive so we could base on it.

The changes are countless indeed since we did not have a fully supported
kernel before, here are some highlights though that integrators and
developers might be interested in:

- I2C support by default
- SPI support by default
- GPIO access is enabled by default
- easy handling of DTB overlays (i.e. to enable PWM support, sound
output etc etc) [1]

Additionally to the kernel the device tarball now also ships the
complete content of the linux-firmware Ubuntu package to support a wider
range of additional devices.

Initial support on the system-image server is also already in place in
preparation for having the next release fully supported with nightly
image builds and automatic updates. To try it out you can already
manually build an image using ubuntu-device-flash [2].

Happy hacking and integrating :)


[1] currently ubuntu-device-flash does not allow shipping subdirs in the
oem snap but the RPi2 bootloader expects the DTB files in a certain
subdir to use them in its config.txt configuration file. We ship this
subdir as a tarball in the /boot/uboot directory to work around this
issue. To enable basic PWM support you would do the following:

..:~$ cd /boot/uboot/
..:/boot/uboot$ sudo tar xf overlays.tgz
..:/boot/uboot$ echo dtoverlay=pwm-overlay.dtb |sudo tee -a config.txt
..:/boot/uboot$ sudo reboot

(you can use the dtoverlay= option in config.txt for every file under
the /boot/uboot/overlays directory)

[2] To build your own image directly from the system-image server use
the following command (here we are using the nightly "edge" build):

sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --channel edge \
    --oem pi2.canonical --enable-ssh \
    -o rpi-edge.img --device raspi2_armhf 15.04
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