Evalutating Ubuntu Snappy Core

Stefan Knorr Stefan.Knorr at dewetron.com
Tue Sep 1 10:00:25 UTC 2015


we are currently evaluating, if we can use Ubuntu Snappy Core as embedded OS for some of our products.
Up to now, Snappy Core looks like a good fit. We feel very good about the security system and the snappy app model. But I have some questions, which I couldn't get answered by the existing documentation.

1) We use x86 based boards as embedded hardware, on which the standard kernel 
    (generic-amd64/generic-i386) are working out of the box. Unfortunately we add some dedicate   
    hardware to the embedded system, for which we provide a kernel module on DKMS basis.
    But DKMS doesn't work under Snappy Core, so what I got from the documentation is, that somehow we 
    have to provide a oem snap with the kernel. 
    My question is, if we have to provide the whole kernel and 
    all the modules or is it possible to define an OEM snap to add just a kernel module to the generic kernel?

2) My second question is related to the system/app update procedure. Our systems will probably have 
     connection to the internet, but on some installations they will run in a dedicated network with no 
     internet access. From what I got from the docu, the update has to be started from an console (ssh) with 
    the snappy command, which checks the store for update and downloads the newest version.
    Is it possible to omit the download and transfer the new packages by a control-instance to the Snappy 
    Core system and then deploy the update from the than uploaded package ?

3) Can the update also triggered by a app or framework? 
     If yes, which security-policies would be than necessary?

4) Can a app or framework change the local IP-settings (static/dhcp)?
     If yes, which security-policies would be than necessary?

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